Biofeedback therapy

Biofeedback is a scientific method which enables you to learn how to consciously manage internal body processes which primarily occur at a subconscious level. The connection between psyche and physique is explained to you. Internal bodily processes, vegetative potentials (pulse, temperature, secretion of sweat, breathing and muscle tone) are measured and depicted on the computer monitor.
Diagnostics and therapy are very individual. Breathing and relaxation techniques can be learnt to enable you to influence your vegetative nervous system. Learning relaxation and thus consciously incorporating regeneration phases into your daily routine is of great therapeutic benefit for many psychosomatic complaints.

We use this method successfully for fear, depression, hypertension, stress syndromes, burnout, paralysis, bladder weakness, migraine, hyperventilation, vegetative tremors, sleep disorders …
Biofeedback is a proven healing technique. The effect is scientifically proven for migraines, comparable with medicinal treatments and without side effects.
You will learn how to treat your complaints yourself.